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- MANN-FILTER Oil Filter HU 6013 z / Oil filter set with gasket / gasket set / Dimensions (mm): / Premium Filter in original equipment quality

- MANN-FILTER oil filter elements not only offer the highest filtration performance, but also protect the engine through excellent oil cleaning

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- Up to 5,000 miles between oil changes

- Premium engine protection

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- High contaminant retention

- Pressure and temperature resistant

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- Proven protection for up to 10,000 miles

- Engineered for use with conventional or synthetic motor oil

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- COMPATIBLE with Audi Q5 2.0L 2018, A4 Quattro 2.0L 2017-2018, A3 Quattro 2.0L 2015-2018, A6 Quattro 2.0L 2015-2018, A3 1.8L 2014-2016, A4 2.0L 2017-2018, Q7 2.0L 2017-2019, S3 2.0L 2015-2018, A5 Sport...

- [cont.] A6 2.0L 2015-2018, TT Quattro 2.0L 2015-2018, A4 allroad 2.0L 2017-2018 | Porsche Macan 2.0L 2017-2018 | Volkswagen Passat 1.8L 2014-2017, Jetta 1.8L 2014-2018, Tiguan 2.0L 2018-2019, GTI 2.0L...

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- The Hengst oil filter can effectively remove impurities from the oil circulation system,Extremely durable and easy to maintain.

- Through the high filtration capacity to achieve the best filtration performance, in all operating conditions can guarantee the pressure resistance and heat resistance.

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As you run oil through your engine, it accumulates dirt, soot, and sometimes even small metal particles. Fortunately, the oil filter prevents these particles from getting to important parts of your engine, but it does wear out. Change your oil filter with every oil change, and rest assured that your engine will have a long, trouble-free life.