What Does a Volkswagen Tiguan Weight?

Undubitely, if you are a Volkswagen Tiguan lover, at least once you must have been lost in thoughts about the weight of this vehicle. This total can be beneficial in distinct common and uncommon conditions, even in cases when a car enthusiast doesn't suppose it. Wherever you came to a decision to pull your own Volkswagen Tiguan or just wished to drive across a flabby wooden pontoon (you better change your opinion), this data will be a gain.

Ergo, for those who have the desire to catch on more regarding your number of Volkswagen Tiguan weight specifications, you could uncover the numbers beneath in the charts and tables from the company's gurus. They spent a lot of time and were eventually able to present the whole of the stats and info in a systematized and keen way. Remember to remember that these characteristics concerning the Volkswagen Tiguan`s weight transform according to diverse motor sorts, years of manufacture, and components.


How much do Volkswagen Tiguans weigh?

The Volkswagen Tiguan curb weight ranges from 3757-3847 lbs. Depending on the configuration of the drivetrain, the four-wheel drive version weighs in at the lighter end of the scale while the addition of the 4Motion AWD system creates the heaviest weight.

How much does a 2012 Tiguan weigh?

What is the curb weight of, the 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan (facelift 2011) 2.0 TDI BMT (177 Hp) 4MOTION DSG? 3556.06 lbs.

How much does a 2013 Tiguan weigh?

2013 Volkswagen Tiguan Curb weight 3,591 lbs. Maximum towing capacity 2,200 lbs.

How much weight can a Tiguan carry?

Volkswagen Tiguan Curb Weight, GVWR, and Payload

Take a look: Curb Weight: 3,757 pounds. GVWR: 5,203 pounds. Payload: 1,124 pounds.

How much does a VW Tiguan weigh kg?

The curb weight of Tiguan is 1703 Kg. In configurations, Volkswagen Tiguan has dimensions of 4509 mm in length, 1839 mm in width, and 1665 mm^3 mm in height.

How heavy is the 2022 Tiguan?

2022 Volkswagen Tiguan Dimensions: Curb weight - 3,856 lbs. Maximum towing capacity - 1,500 lbs. Maximum payload - 937 lbs. Gross weight 5,093 lbs.

How much does a 2013 VW Tiguan weigh kg?

2009 - 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan Weight: 1,629 kg (3,591 lb)

Is the new Tiguan bigger than the old?

VW has adopted the “bigger is better” philosophy with the redesign of the all-new 2018 Tiguan. This year's Tiguan is significantly longer than the outgoing model by almost a foot. It's also wider than before. The exact dimension increases are 7.3 inches in the wheelbase and 10.6 inches in length.

Is a Tiguan a big car?

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a spacious, comfortable, and good-to-drive SUV. Cheaper versions are dull to look at, though, and the Tiguan is pricier than many of its alternatives.

Is Tiguan a medium SUV?

Tiguan. Sharp, sporty, and confidently cool, the Tiguan is the medium SUV that's packed with all the comfort, space, power, and smarts you need to conquer the road. On some variants, enjoy the flexibility of 4MOTION all-wheel drive in tandem with the safety features that come with IQ. DRIVE 1.

Which is bigger Tiguan or Tiguan Allspace?

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace is longer and higher than Volkswagen Tiguan. The wheelbase is also more. However, the width of the two SUVs is similar.